Vitamins & Supplements

From our own high quality Wellquest line, household names such as Webber, Jamieson and Swiss through to professional lines such as Ortho Molecular, Restorative Formulations, and the Pro Wellness line of supplements from PCCA we have one of the widest ranges of vitamins & supplements in the Niagara region.

Talk to one of our Pharmacists today to see how choosing the correct supplement can help you reach your health & wellness goals.

AOR                                             Naka

Bach Flower Remedies               Natural Calm

BioAdvantex Pharma                  Natures Bounty

BioGaia                                       Natures Way

Bio K                                           Neo 40

Biosil                                           New Nordic

Bell Lifestyle Products                Nutracleanse

CanPrev                                      Nutrasea

Carlson Labs                              Orange Naturals

Dona                                           Preferred Nutrition

Flora                                           Renew Life

Genestra                                     Revlex

Genuine Health                          SierraSil

88Herbs                                      Sisu

Homeocan                                  Thorne Research

Joy of the Mountains                   Ultimate Glucosamine

Lorna Vanderhaeghe                   Vega

Metagenics                                  Wynn Pharma